When to Recognize an Employee

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The age old question a boss will ask himself is when to recognize an employee.  You do not want to do it within the first ninety days because if the employee is doing a good job it justifies the reason you hired them.  There are some things that the person should shine on depending on the skills and experience this person may have with your company.  Usually after the first year, or when a suitable probationary period has passed you may look at the employee to see if there is something going on and they seem to stand out among the rest.

Sometimes it is the way the employee approaches their duties.  They are seeing things for a first time and if they are responsible for them if there is a way to get the job done quicker than they can change the process and save the company money.  If a moderately new employee is able to save the company money then a recognition award is appropriate.  If you see an employee continuing to help another member within their team when it is not their job too and the return is getting the products out quicker, than this may be a time to give that employee an award.

If you have a project going on and need an extra person and assign someone else to assist plus cover their own duties when the project is completed an employee recognition award would be appropriate.  Yes, it is true that sometimes you have policies in place with guidelines for employees to be recognized but when you see a chance for the award to be given out then do it.  It builds moral, teamwork and loyalty to the company.

When you are purchasing the award, find a company that is concerned with the quality of the product they send out of their company.  Find a company that puts the customer first and wants to ensure you are satisfied before they start the order.  Go with a company that provides quality products and knows what they are doing.  After seeing a crystal recognition award completed for an employee you will never doubt ordering from this company again.  They are just that good.

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When to Recognize an Employee

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This article was published on 2010/10/17