Top Tips for Improved Office Productivity

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Productivity yields results, so making your business as productive as possible will reap handsome rewards. There are plenty of simple ways in which you can increase productivity and get the best from yourself and everyone you employ.

First and foremost, making sure workstations are properly equipped is a very easy way to help everyone work as best they can. Make sure employees have everything they need to carry out their job, from the basics like pens and paper to any job specific equipment required.

The same principle applies to office technology, such as internet connection and anti-virus protection. When it comes to the internet, ensure you have the fastest connection possible as this enables files to be uploaded and downloaded at top speeds and emails can be sent quickly, allowing employees to make the most of their time. Email is likely to be a large part of life in the office and a "Read It and Deal With It" strategy can help greatly when it comes to maximising employees time. Emails serve several purposes and some require action whereas others do not. Encourage staff to make a concerted effort to deal with emails as soon as they are read otherwise inboxes get cluttered and time is wasted re-reading emails that could have been dealt with when they were first received.

The rising popularity of electronic communication brings associated risks with around 80% of computer viruses distributed via email. Decrease downtime by making sure you have robust spam filtering and virus protection solutions. Backup copies of data are also important so everyone can rest safe in the knowledge that all work is protected and backed up ‘just in case'.

Regardless of how you converse with employees, make sure all business communication is crystal clear. Effective communication helps to ensure that staff understand your instructions, helping you to achieve the desired results. Training is also pivotal in ensuring employees can carry out their jobs properly.

The physical layout of the office can contribute towards productivity. Time is easily wasted if frequently used items aren't to hand so follow a logical approach when it comes to laying everything out and make life easier for everyone. Getting some fresh air circulating around the office can help to keep everyone fresh faced and on their toes. Natural light is another important factor. Make sure plenty of natural light is getting in and if there are dark spots then invest in some lighting to keep everything bright.

Last but not least, taking a break at lunchtime and actually getting away from your desk is vital and all employees should be encouraged to do this. For mental and physical wellbeing it pays to take some time out, helping you to feel refreshed and energised when you return to your desk.

There are numerous ways to promote office productivity, from fast business broadband to taking a recognised break at lunchtime. So lead by example and make sure you get the best results for your business, day after day.

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Top Tips for Improved Office Productivity

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This article was published on 2010/10/01