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Hiring is one of the most difficult and important jobs of someone in a management position. Choosing the right person to fill vacant positions within your organizations can mean the difference between having a successful team and constantly having to rehire and fill the same position over and over again. By hiring smart the first time, you can save time and energy for other important tasks.

Before hiring, look at your current employees and see if anyone is qualified to step into the open position. By promoting from within, you will add to employee morale, plus save your company the expense of bringing in a new employee. There is an element of training that will also not be necessary while moving a current employee into a new role within the business.

If promoting, be sure to provide the employee with the necessary training to make the move into their new position. Though they can skip policies and procedures training that would be necessary with a new hire, they will still need to learn their new role within the business. Give them the necessary time to learn new tasks and become comfortable within their new job before leaving them on their own.

Find out as much as you can about each candidate before making your decision. Though someone might have a perfect resume and provide you with a fantastic interview, you should still look to other sources to confirm your decision. Get references, run background checks, and carry out your company's entire hiring procedure with every potential employee.

Have candidates do a second interview with another management person before giving them the job. Having another person's opinion on your potential new hire can help to confirm your decision to hire or may sow you something negative that you previously overlooked. In some companies, this is a requirement of hiring.

Of all the jobs that you must complete as a manager, hiring may be the single most important. When you hire employees that have the right qualifications and personalities, or promote well qualified people into new positions, your own job will be easier in the long run.

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Management Tips and Techniques - Hiring and Promoting

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This article was published on 2010/03/27