Improve Business Productivity With Professional Employee Engagement Activities

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An organization is only as strong as the people within. Employing a framework for engaging talent within a business can help decision makers to understand the motives behind why talent chooses to join, stay or leave the company and provides critical data related to optimizing workplace performance for the purpose of managing and utilizing the skills of employees.

Created in 2000, TalentKeepers has become a global leader in devising employee engagement activities that promote effective organizational performance. Their exceptional talent management solutions, training solutions and employee engagement tools have helped companies from a wide-variety of industries to enhance their value by improving their productivity, optimizing their services and delivering exceptional results to customers.

Enhanced employee engagement is at the epicenter of successful organizations.  Employee engagement activities encourage staff to take an active role in the success of the company with a structure that values teamwork while allowing team members to develop their own working identity.  These employee engagement activities begin from day one, with an effective on-boarding strategy that provides for seamless and cohesive integration of the new recruit into the organization's team unit.

To help build the groundwork for strong employee/leader relationships, TalentKeepers offers their Onboard Connection solution. Onboard Connection includes employee engagement activities such as the FirstFit survey, which helps define the leadership qualities most important to the employee. This leading-edge solution offers an online leadership learning module called Handshake Connection, which acts as a systematic guide to conducting handshake meetings through the promotion of participatory discussion among employees.

Additionally, you may wish to consider TalentKeepers' cutting-edge Employee Retention Roadmap: a set of tools that provide influential team members with a detailed schedule of precise actions that must be undertaken during the initial employment phase. Typically encompassing a 90-day period after hiring, this Employee Retention Roadmap is a method by which team members can take an active role in influencing employee retention at every key juncture during that time. This 90-day process includes the scripting of key themes that help provide the foundation for successful employee retention.

The costs incurred by an organization through losing talented employees are not simply related to just the expensive rehiring process. Losing talent can also have a negative effect on employee productivity and thus, company profits. For the purposes of evaluating the cost-effectiveness of staffing-related business decisions, the experts at TalentKeepers have created a program that provides detailed information about both the direct and indirect costs of employee turnover. This comprehensive data produces a measurable cost that is both defensible and conservative, to help engage and foster agreement between executives. For added introspection, TalentKeepers can compare the strategic data from your company's engagement and retention procedures with other organizations within your industry, offering a reflective understanding of industry-wide standards and providing actionable benchmarking data for key team members to analyze.

The future of your organization depends on the proper utilization of employee talent. Fortunately, TalentKeepers has all the experience and expertise your business needs to help meet the challenges of creating a vibrant, successful organization. TalentKeepers has trained over 100,000 leaders in the protocols of superior talent management. Therefore, they understand what it takes to turn a disengaged workforce into a motivated, efficient team unit.

Contact TalentKeepers today for expert solutions that offer targeted strategies to re-engage your employees and capitalize on the diverse nature of skills available through each member of your organization.

About TalentKeepers:

TalentKeepers has spent the past 10 years researching the reasons why employees choose to join, stay or leave a company. By optimizing employee engagement activities that keep talented employees motivated to help their company succeed, TalentKeepers has become one of the most well known and trusted names in the human resources industry. For more information about TalentKeepers, please go to Talentkeepers.

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Improve Business Productivity With Professional Employee Engagement Activities

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This article was published on 2010/10/12