How Employee Engagement Surveys Can Revitalize Productivity Within Your Organization

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Having a proven and strategic system of employee engagement can ensure that managers are attuned to the thoughts and aspirations of their employees. This extended level of coordination within an organization can improve business productivity by fostering a team environment where each member's input is validated.

Utilizing years of experience within the human resources industry, TalentKeepers understands the key dynamics behind employees'reasons for joining, staying and leaving organizations. Founded in 2000, the company provides organizations with proven employee engagement strategies that accelerate productivity and stronger revenue. TalentKeepers ensures that their clients have all the necessary tools to inspire their workforce through award-winning solutions in the areas of employee engagement activities, on-boarding solutions, leadership development training, and other key areas of proactive employee management.

A key avenue to learn about your employees' values and needs is through employee engagement surveys. Utilizing employee engagement surveys ensures that employees know that their feedback is highly appreciated and helps to increase employee commitment to the company brand. Indeed, the effective use of employee engagement surveys can actively drive employee productivity and reduce voluntary turnover, while strengthening the core relationship between a manager and their team.

The FirstFit survey and Hand Shake Meeting start with a non-anonymous employee engagement survey, which asks employees what attributes they value most in a leader. This is a vital tool for both incoming and current employees and the results from this relationship-strengthening tool are instantly available to leaders for review.  This survey is perceived very strongly as positive because an employee is sharing what he/she values most in any leader and not rating the current leader.

Once the FirstFit survey has been completed, a Hand Shake Meeting will take place between the leader and each member of his/her staff in order to facilitate an in-depth discussion of the results derived from the survey.  During this meeting, the leader will listen and learn how each employee defines the leadership competencies most important to him/her in a leader.  During the second part of the discussion, the employee will commit to raising any concerns to the leader that may impact engagement.  This two-way conversation completes the Hand Shake Meeting and begins to boost relationships immediately.

Also included within TalentKeepers' superb range of employee engagement surveys is an anonymous survey called TalentWatch. This precisely measures the reasoning behind employees joining an organization, staying, and why they would consider leaving.  TalentWatch examines the core motivating factors of an engaged workforce for the purposes of helping the organization achieve employee commitment, high performance, a satisfied customer base, and a productive and profitable organization.

The TalentWatch employee engagement survey is exceptionally easy to implement within any business size and offers an immediate web-based reporting feature, which will act as the hub for all benchmarking data derived from the survey. These reports provide easy-to-understand, actionable results down to the front-line leader as well as group reports for all management personnel to examine the trends within their organization and refine their workplace practices to increase engagement within their teams.

The experts at TalentKeepers are also adept at developing customized employee engagement surveys, which can be utilized to measure employees' opinions on other subjects related to the business such as competitor products or services, performance planning, and cultural changes.

Regardless of the driving factors behind the creation of the employee engagement survey, TalentKeepers has the experience and the expertise to ensure that your company receives highly valuable, actionable results. Contact TalentKeepers today and visit their website at talentkeepers to discover how their industry leading solutions can bring a cohesive team environment to your organization.

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How Employee Engagement Surveys Can Revitalize Productivity Within Your Organization

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This article was published on 2011/01/07