Encouraging Employee Creativity

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The economic slowdown is putting a damper on things, particularly in the workplace. Many employees are worried about layoffs, while those who have job security or tenure are discouraged by pay cutbacks and loss of incentives and the like. Things could easily get out of hand, and before the management realizes what is happening, productivity is down and worker satisfaction is at its lowest. The next thing to happen is stagnation setting in and affecting the company in more ways than one.

Stagnation in the workplace is a very bad thing. Instead of dwelling on financial difficulties and other worries, bosses and managers should keep the level of productivity up by engaging their employees in the creative process. They could start by enlisting employees in brainstorming sessions. If the company is big, bosses could organize the sessions by departments. Activities such as this energize the employees into action and involvement. These brainstorming sessions could focus on problems, issues, and other concerns. For example, one of the employees are having trouble with financial emergencies, the company could assist them in getting instant payday loans from good sources. These short term loans could help them to solve some urgent cash needs such as car repairs or even utility bills.

Another great way to spur creativity in workplace is to encourage employees to pursue interests outside work. They could take up sports sponsored by the company, such as bowling or basketball. They could go on a tour or a weekend recreation. If the business budget is tight, the company could facilitate a payday advance via online payday loans. These activities need not be expensive as long as it serves the purpose of encouraging camaraderie and generating new ideas for the business.

In the workplace, it helps to create an inspiring environment for the employees. The office should not be all drab and gray. Designing the inside of the workplace could mean putting some greenery, like ornamental plants, to liven it up. Paintings or posters are also good additions to blank and bland walls. It is also a good idea to lower cubicle walls, so there would be a semblance of openness in the workplace. It may sound simple enough, but lowering cubicle walls or even doing away with partitions could help employees come up with good ideas together or lift up the office mood to a more positive outlook.

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Encouraging Employee Creativity

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This article was published on 2010/03/27