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CEOs, COOs, and the head of the Human Resources department all face a dilemma of uncertainty about where the economy is going. They may not be hiring and they may need to make major cost cuts to reduce operational expenditures, but should they throw all employee benefits out as well? Not if they think about employee motivation carefully. No matter what is happening in the economy, it does not do any organization any good to have a bunch of disgruntled workers on their staff. In order for a company to function properly there needs to be encouragement of the workers and a goal of maintaining a certain standard of operation, no matter what is happening in the general economy.
One of the ways to reward your workers is through Employee Recognition Awards

Employee Recognition Awards are a very useful tool to reward the behaviors that make for good employees. They set the standards that management is looking for and help employees understand what is required to do a good job. An organization that gives Employee Recognition Awards is an organization that understands the power of positive reinforcement. This is a very powerful motivator of employee behavior when it is applied properly. When upper management recognizes a specific employee for on the job performance and other characteristics such as perfect attendance records, it not only encourages that particular employee to continue to do a good job, but it also sets an example for others to follow in order so that they can also get a chance to be recognized with an award. Group recognition is a tremendous force for positive change and if the goals of the organization are clear to everyone, then it is very likely that many employees will be qualified for Employee Recognition Awards.

Companies need only to make sure that the reasons that employees get Employee Recognition Awards are clear and fair so that everyone can follow the rules of behavior in order to get one. Employee Recognition Awards should not be just a simple certificate on a piece of paper or their photo on the wall as Employee of the Month, they should instead be something of meaning and value that the employees would want to aspire for. If the Employee Recognition Awards are something of substance, then the group recognition of an Employee is a powerful motivator for the rest of the employees to try to do their best to improve.
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Employee Benefits

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This article was published on 2010/10/29