Developing Leadership Qualities in Low-Level Employees

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Have you ever stopped to consider where your next round of management candidates is coming from for your business? Many companies hire managers from outside the company, in hopes that a fresh, new approach will be exactly what the doctor ordered to get their employees motivated and profits rising. However, developing leadership qualities in existing low-level employees for the possibility of promotion may be a more intelligent and business wise step to filling open management positions.

When employees know that there is room for advancement, they are much more likely to step up and work hard to get noticed when an upper position becomes available. This extra motivation will pay off for the company, as well as help you to develop an idea of who may be the best internal candidates for any positions that you have opening up. These should be the people who you focus your leadership training programs on first.

A mentoring program is a good way to get some one on one insight about how your current employees may work in a management role. Allow current managers to teach business leadership to those under them. Mentoring allows for an exchange of learning, giving current managers a chance to hone their skills while developing those of employees. Use their feedback to determine who is ready to advance and who might need more intense training.

Seminars and workshops are also great ways to promote leadership training within your company. Most of these seminars are quite motivational and employees will take away valuable skills that will build your business and improve employee performance, while preparing them to climb up the management ladder.

If you decide to work on developing leadership qualities in some of your existing employees, in hopes that they will step up and take management positions as they become available, be sure to consider your candidates carefully. Look for those who have already begun to step up and are leading their coworkers outside their normal daily duties. When someone has natural leadership qualities, expanding and refocusing these skills and traits is easier than creating a leader from the ground up.

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Developing Leadership Qualities in Low-Level Employees

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This article was published on 2010/04/01