Balancing Your Attitude As The Boss

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As a manager it can be really hard to maintain the delicate balance between being friendly and being a push over.  It can also be difficult to remain authoritative why not looking like a total jerk.  So what can you do to ensure that you maintain a balanced and professional attitude as the boss?

It can be very hard to weigh profits against kindness.  In order to lead an effective business you are going to have to do things that others may perceive as unkind in order to maintain your company's profits.  That can be very difficult for some people to do as they consider themselves to be kind people.  As an employer be sure to help out when you can.  Listen to your employees struggles and if it doesn't set business back too much lend them a helping hand.  Loaning a trusted employee some money or giving somebody time to get their life together can be a great way to establish loyalty with your employees and ensure their happiness.

That being said don't make decisions strictly out of kindness.  Do not hire somebody's close friend or relative even if they have a bad employment record.  Do not salary somebody who is under-performing.  Do not allow somebody to continue to try to improve their work ethic, set a time limit.  If you engage in the above given leaps of faith you are likely to lose money and regret your decisions.  Be understanding but don't compromise what you're company needs.  Consider what the risks are and go with your instincts.  Keeping a successful employee happy is a lot different than keeping an unqualified employee happy.

At the same time you don't want to be considered rude.  Often people think power gives them the right to be rude but that won't ultimately help you to achieve your company's highest rate of success.  If you are busy that is one thing, even if your actions are perceived as rude most people understand that you don't have the time to deal with them at the moment.  If you are simply being rude however to exert power and dominance you really are not accomplishing much of anything.  It's much better to earn respect than to demand it.  If you earn your employees respect they're more likely to be honest with you, will be more comfortable communicating with you and will thus be more effective when meeting with you and will probably work harder for you.  Establishing respect with your employees also helps to establish a positive and productive work environment.  Moreover the business world moves quick.  Just because somebody is reporting to you doesn't mean you won't need them to do you a favor later on.

Remember you are in charge, act appropriately.  Don't be afraid to do what you need to do in order to ensure profits but don't allow yourself to be rude simply because you can and you want to show that you are in charge.  Strive to maintain a balance between these two character flaws.  Even if you don't succeed one hundred percent of the time you are likely to improve your managerial skills.


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Balancing Your Attitude As The Boss

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This article was published on 2011/06/21